Essential Checklist: Getting Ready for Your Child’s First Day at Preschool

With schools reopening post the lockdown hustle, parents and caregivers are wondering about their child’s back-to-school essentials. Of course, this year’s back-to-school list will have to be focused more on the personal safety of your child. We have managed to put down a quick list you might want to splurge on to help start your child’s school year out right—and safely.

Face coverings/masks

First things first, a new item on everyone’s safety list nowadays is a mask. Amidst the wake of the Covid pandemic, it’s always advisable for children to bring two or even three masks to school daily. This is to make sure they have another mask handy in case one gets dirty or breaks. 

Many children don’t find wearing masks thrilling, so you must let them know the importance of wearing them. To motivate them towards this practice, let them choose a mask of their own. You can also get blank masks and let your little one personalizes or decorate them the way they want it.

Hand sanitizer 

“Wash your hands” is probably the motto for the year 2020. But when your children get back to school, they can’t wash their hands often like at home, for instance in the middle of a class. So, keeping a sanitizer in their backpack makes it a handy option for them to replace washing hands when at school. 

To make it a little more fun for your children, try hand sanitizers that come with a sanitizer keychain. These key chains make it easier to attach them to your child’s backpack so they can easily reach out. You can also consider hand sanitizers that are refillable with a sanitizer of your child’s choice.  

Homemade food  

School cafeterias may look very different with the rise of a new pandemic. Firstly, school cafeterias may only have limited food selections that your child may not find appetizing. Secondly, your child will have to face long social distancing lines to grab their food. 

Even if these may not be a concern, getting food from the cafeteria may still come with a hygiene risk relating to food preparations. So, the best idea is to get your child homemade, healthy, and immune-boosting food. Add their favourite food as a part of their meal or try different recipes with ingredients they like. You can also make use of unique kids lunch boxes that can make lunching fun and exciting for them. 

Own school supplies

Many schools cannot provide communal school supplies such as pencils, highlighter, and pens because of the spread of the virus. So, you must get a list of these school basics or ask the teacher what other things your child will need to bring for themselves.

Some schools will provide a separate list of back-to-school things your child will need to bring. So make sure to save some money and purchase all the classroom basics that are essential to get your child back to school safely

Besides, let your children know that they shouldn’t be exchanging their supplies with friends or any other. Say them not to use any of their friends’ supplies as well. 

While these are few back-to-school essentials we can think of post lockdown, it’s equally important to coordinate with your child’s school policies and teachers to know of any other things they might need when school reopens. 

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