Nurses and Their Role in Health Care Sector

Nursing is a job perfect for those who are passionate about extending care to others. Love and compassion are important characteristics of a human being and nursing involves these factors. Working in the health sector is not an easy task it is a job that comes with lots of responsibilities. Working hard is essential if you want to be good at what you are doing.

Just like how there are different levels with medicine even with nursing there are different levels depending mainly on the ability to prescribe. In most setting nurses are found following the physician which has given a different view in the minds of people, but there is nurse practitioner who are allowed to practice on their own.

What is the main job of the nurse?

Nursing is an occupation in the health division that involves extending care to a patient especially in terms of ensuring, attaining and helping in recovery of the health of the patient. Although nursing is part of the health sector the teaching method and what they learn are slightly different and they can be sometimes be taught of a different approach to a patient and the services they provide may also be different. To pursue this profession, you can get enrolled nurse course.

A nurse may be involved in many sorts of work so the answer is not specific but they are mainly involves making acute treatment decisions, going to school to inoculate students and also to administer medications to the patients, keep an eye on the patient and carry out certain commands given by the physician. Some of the functions they carry out are,


Nurses usually maintain a close relationship with the patient because in most cases they are the ones directly handling them. They make sure that they give medications on time, check on their vitals and their status and tend to the patient if he or she needs anything. one of the most important requirements in the nurse is that they deliver care and services regardless of race, religion, caste and social status and be very understanding towards the patient.


They engage with the healthcare team hand in hand to provide good care and treatment to the patient and also involved in carrying out certain procedures.

Instructing about technology

The world is more evolving in to a place where everything has been simplified with the use of technology, but some people may still have problems using this. there are apps that can monitor blood pressure, glucose or other health related conditions, the nurse is usually the one to educate the patient about this.


Just like how there are specialist in doctors there are nurses who can choose their specialist extending their knowledge and expertise in what they would like to pursue.

Some of these are,

Registered nurse

Here the nurse is especially involved in delivering patient care advising the public and patient on different medical conditions

Cardiac nurse

This is for those interested in heart related issues.

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