Tips for Selecting a High School

Selecting a high school can be quite challenging as there may be so many options available in your area. But you should know the important factors to be considered when selecting a school such as facilities, curriculum, location, extracurricular activities, academic performance etc.

You will need to do a lot of research when selecting a high school out of the options you have in your area. A good way to get a basic understanding of the school is to go through their official website and social media page. You need to check their mission statement, extracurricular activities and curriculum. It is very important that they offer programmes that align with the interests of your child. It is important to select a school with a strong academic programme and reputation. If you want your child to be provided spiritual guidance as well, you can look into religious schools such as a Catholic high school Brisbane. This ensures that your child is brought up on the same value system as your family and they will be able to build a deep connection with the faith.               

Ask about the student to teacher ratio of the school.

A smaller class size ensures that your child gets a personalised learning experience. The teacher will have the time to focus one on one attention on each student and ensure that nobody is falling behind. It is important to select a school that provides a challenging curriculum with subject areas that interest your child. Check whether they have advanced placement courses. You need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your child when it comes to academics to select the right academic programme for them. Extracurricular activities can also have a big impact on the social and mental health of your child. Look for schools that have extensive extracurricular opportunities so that your child is able to try out the things they like.

A school that is closer to your home will be convenient as you have more options when it comes to transportation. But you need to select a school that is in a good neighbourhood so that your child feels safe walking to home from school and vice versa. The cost for different high schools will vary and you need to get an understanding of the full cost including tuition and other additional fees. Check the level of parental involvement required by the school. This is what creates a strong school community and you will be informed about how your child is doing. This makes it a lot easier for parents to support their child’s education. It will also be helpful to select a school that has a diverse student body so that your child has a good idea of inclusion and equity. There are more opportunities for cultural exchange and your child will gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives.  This will also prepare them for the wider world as the society is highly diverse. Look for a school that provides student support services like tutoring, academic coaching and counselling so that your child has a support system to overcome academic and personal challenges.