When to Hire More Than One Strata Manager

There are many challenges and responsibilities that can come from managing a strata property. A single strata manager will be sufficient for a smaller strata community but there are instances when the complexity of the strata community will be too high for a single strata manager to handle.

The most important factor

You have to think about when hiring strata managers is the size of the property and its complexity. When you have a larger strata development with more than one building and vast common areas, you will need more resources to effectively manage the strata development. When the number of residents increase with the extension of the strata development, it will be difficult for one person to manage all of the responsibilities. If you still depend on one strata manager for such a complex development, there are some issues that can come up by no fault of the manager; they will be overwhelmed by the sheer size and complexity of the development which can lead to a drop in service quality. There are different interests and concerns in a diverse strata community and these needs can be catered to by multiple strata managers so that they are able to address these specific concerns more effectively. Communication can be made more efficient with the addition of more strata managers as each manager can handle particular aspects of communication.

When the number of units and residents in a strata community expands,

This will increase the volume of administrative tasks to be done. As there are more residents, there will be more maintenance requests. This will gradually increase the workload to a point where the strata manager will struggle to keep up with it. When this happens, there can be delays when it comes to dealing with important matters. You can reach out to the strata management company to find out if they have strata plans or packages regarding this. When you hire more managers, this workload will be distributed more evenly so that each person will be able to manage a specific part of the property. And this means all required tasks will be carried out comprehensively without any delays or errors.


There may be specific requirements due to the nature of different components of a strata property. You may need specialised expertise in this situation. For example, you can have one strata manager handling the financial aspect of the property while another will handle issues related to maintenance and repairs. Each strata manager will be able to bring their unique area of expertise so that the strata community can benefit from professionals who have a depth of knowledge about their specific aspects. When there is a large strata community to be managed, there can be a high number of maintenance requests and emergencies. When you have more strata managers, the response rate will be faster and timely assistance will be provided to the residents. This way, nothing will be overlooked and the residents will be satisfied by the service provided.